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welcome to my blog! This has been a long time coming and I am so excited it’s finally here! My intention in creating this page is to teach people how to eat and live healthfully + mindfully. Whether I’m the spark that encourages someone the desire/thought to start a healthier lifestyle, or I’m that last and final push to bring someone to turn those desires into actions — there is power in sharing our experiences, knowledge and tips.

The mind is a very powerful thing!


I’m Anna, 23, 5’1″ and based in Richmond, VA. I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach, photographer + videographer, certified Yoga teacher, writer, dancer, sister, friend, daughter, and my ultimate passion is to SHARE!! I find it mesmerizing that we all have our own experience, our own lens, and occasionally get a break to take peeks and glimpses into others’; to learn from each other and grow together.

I love love, can’t go a day without moving my body, my “current read” is always 10+ books at once, I require 8 hours of sleep a night and wake up before the sun, my favorite band is Future Islands and my first live concert was Cher. (I was 9. It was amazing.)

I did ballet from age 3 to 15, where I learned that being in my body is my therapy. This year I got my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification but no, I don’t teach – and I’m in a new training now learning how to bring wellness to kids!

I got my BFA in photography & film from VCUarts last year, after which I started nannying full-time. I loved it because I love kids, and while I knew it wasn’t the job for me, I knew it was getting me to where I wanted to be. I kept it up for a little over a year until I decided to take a leap and start my own business.

I’d been in a dark place for a while & hit a point where all I could think was: something has to change. I got more into fitness & nutrition, when I discovered JUST how connected everything is. I transformed myself form the inside out, realized my self worth and decided… I had lots to share. And lots of people to help crawl out of that dark space I too had been in. So, I enrolled in a Wellness Coaching training.

NOW, I’m a full-time freelancer workin my two passions: professional photo & video work and my wellness coaching.

What I’ve learned the most is that there’s no finish line to anything. I’m a Wellness Coach, still on my own wellness journey in so many ways. We are meant to constantly keep growing and that requires not knowing everything. That’s a beautiful thing to me.

I hope you enjoy this blog! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time with questions, comments or inquiries. My email is anna@annagibbs.com, and you can comment/connect via this site!


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